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14 July 2008 @ 06:17 pm
My dog is a tennis ball snob  
I was watching Ret play with his tennis ball today, when something occurred to me. Ret is somewhat of a tennis ball snob.
He seems to know the difference between a good tennis ball (the real deal), and ones bought from the pet store or Walmart. He prefers the real deal, and even seems to take better care of them. He's got a good tennis ball right now, and he hasn't even started chewing it apart, like he does the cheap ones.

My first year on campus I used to walk by the tennis courts to go back to my dorm, either from class (when I had a class in Peavy) or from eating at West. Sometimes I would walk that way from Nash, too. One day no one was at the tennis courts, and there was a lone ball in the middle of the field. I was always wary of picking up the balls when people were around (didn't know if they'd come claim them when they were done or not), but this one was abandoned, so I took it. I gave it to Ret the next time I went home. That was his favorite ball. Numerous times my mom thought it was lost for good, only to have Ret show up with it a day or two later. Even with other balls around (the cheap ones... Three packs you could buy at Walmart for 89 cents) he would track down this one ball.

A ball in Ret's collection has a lifespan of a week tops if he has constant access to it, and maybe a month or two if I only let him have it at the park.
The good ball he has now he has had for 10 days, and it shows no signs of wear or tear.

I know they make the good ones better, but I don't know... I don't think that's the whole story.
My dog is a tennis ball snob.
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