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19 April 2008 @ 06:38 pm
I'm not going to lie: I'm so confused.
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19 April 2008 @ 06:33 am
So Retnuh desperately needed to go out this morning. He woke me up at 6:30 to let him out. So of course I did.

It is April, and there is snow ON THE GROUND

What's up with that?
09 April 2008 @ 02:11 pm
What is the one thing you're most neurotic about?

I'm OCD about things on my computer being organized. And in my various file storage locations, and web space, and stuff like that.
When I redid the FW Club site everything was pretty much in one directory. It drove me nuts. So I redid the site...
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07 March 2008 @ 10:42 pm
Kento and I are bringing Uglorable back! :)
I'm excited.
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07 February 2008 @ 12:00 pm
I'm not one of those people who hates Valentines Day because they're single. I couldn't care less about that. I just consider Valentines Day one of the most boring holidays ever. A day where you're supposed to give someone you love something, and feel guilty if you don't. Woohoo.
So here I am, sitting at the table for our Valentines Day fundraiser. And I'm bored out of my mind. And all the pink and purple is nauseating.

Save me.
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05 February 2008 @ 08:05 pm
Today, I did something a bit nutty. And as it turned out, unnecessary. But hey, I had a good time.

I got up early today. I didn't have class until 11:00, but I had a goal: get a Wii. Game Crazy said that they would possibly have a couple Wiis on sale in the morning. They would be sold to the first people there. So I knew I had to be there. I got there at 8:00.
I was the only one there until 9:00, but that guy didn't want a Wii... So it was completely unnecessary. It was a good time though. And I did it! I got my very own Wii!!! :)

I bought DDR on Amazon, it'll probably ship tomorrow. And I'll probably order Mario or something.
It's so cool! I played Wii Sports for a while today. Awesome!
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30 January 2008 @ 09:33 pm
Today was a sandwich kind of day. I came home craving PB&J, so I made PB&J. Then I wanted grilled cheese for dinner, so I made grilled cheese. Tuna sandwich sure sounded good, but I do have some self control... So I limited myself to two kinds of sandwiches (especially since I probably used 2/3 of a loaf of bread already).

I think I may have some OCD tendencies or something. Or maybe I just cling to my past sometimes. But there's something about sandwiches.... Let me explain.

Grilled cheese sandwiches need to be eaten in strips. Four strips. And you eat the outside (crust) ones first. Then you eat the crust off the inside ones. Then you can eat the excessively cheesy inside strips; the good stuff.
I don't know why that is. It just is. That's how it's been for, well, ever. Four strips, eaten in that order. Grilled cheese is just weird not in strips.

PB&J on the other hand... PB&J requires one slice of bread. It is meant to be a folded over sandwich. Half jam, half peanut butter. Fold it over. Eat the crust, then the gooey inside.
There have been times I've eaten a grilled cheese not in strips, but I honestly can't remember a time my PB&J wasn't a fold-over sandwich. I can't explain why, but that just sounds... Well, kind of gross to be honest. I know it's absolutely no different, but PB&J must be a fold-over sandwich! There is no logical reason to this. It just is.
I did have to step out of my comfort zone with PB&J today, but not to the point of it being a non-fold-over. I just didn't use raspberry jam, which is all I've ever used before on my PB&J.

Other than that... Well, tuna seems like it should be either whole or in triangles, but I'm not really strict about that one.

So I guess I'm OCD... About sandwiches. There is no logical explanation here. It just is. I'm weird about my grilled cheese, and my PB&J. Especially my PB&J. It really does sound gross to me to eat it as a whole sandwich. It's stupid, I recognize that, but it really does.
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30 January 2008 @ 11:22 am
What's the best concert you've ever been to?

History 101 Tour!
Matt is an amazing artist, but he's also awesome in person! He's a great guy, he loves talking with us crazy Westies, and he's so much fun in concert!

I miss Matt... I want to see him in concert again! :p
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28 January 2008 @ 09:53 pm
Tonight was awesome. Several of us on leadership went out to dinner, and I for one had a great time! We need to hang out more. It was for my birthday, and it was so cool that they went out to dinner with me.... That meant a lot, and they may not even know it.

Another thing that was kind of cool.... Delayed midterm! BIO midterm is next week now. And not only that.... Labs this week are canceled! Woohoo!
I still have to go in tomorrow morning to turn in my take-home test, but after that I'm going to head over to Nash and just hang out for a while. I get three hours where I can just chill out. Do you know how great that sounds??? I work in the afternoon, but before that I don't have to do anything!
I'm getting caught up on things, and it feels so good.... I'm all caught up in English 104 (and we have no class for the rest of the week! Yes!), I'm almost all caught up in BIO... Now I just need to do the reading for GEO, and I'm set!
And once I'm caught up I can start getting into more of a rhythm. I can stop rushing around, doing my best to catch up. I can be caught up, and keep caught up, and... Man, that's exciting! I still have a lot going on this term, but it's OK. I feel good about it now. I'm at a pace that I feel like I can keep up with, and that's a good thing!
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28 January 2008 @ 07:57 am
It snowed, maybe about an inch, last night. :)
I didn't get the full package: snowing and closing campus. That's what I really asked for.
But it snowed, so I'm happy.

Campus is on "yellow alert". That's their "it's not really a good idea for you to travel, but we want you to anyway because we aren't liable for that decision" stage.
I might skip my morning classes. I resent the yellow alert (I almost fell down 4-5 times when we were in "yellow alert" last week).