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14 August 2008 @ 08:06 pm
Rabbit Stew  
I don't really know why I was thinking about this today. It's a weird thing to randomly remember.... Maybe it's because we're going to my grandma's house on Sunday. The last family get-together before my cousin (Amy, who's 9 months older than me) heads off to Idaho for college. I don't know.

But anyway, today I was thinking about back when we made rabbit stew. When we were little whenever we were at Grandma's we made what we had dubbed rabbit stew. No, we were not out hunting rabbits and making dinner. Rabbit stew was made for the rabbits, in a way that only a group of little kids can do. We would take a pot, fill it with water, then proceed to throw in whatever we could find and somehow associate with something a rabbit would eat. It would start simple enough. Grass, of course. Then we might shred up some dandelions, and other plants we could find. When we ran out of the basics, we would start using our imagination. Finding rocks, dirt, etc. and pretend it was something else.
It's funny to think that we could do this EVERY time we went to Grandma's. For YEARS we would do this during every family gathering. And somehow, every single time it was fun. A pot, some water, grass, dirt, rocks... And over and over again, we'd have a blast.

Between rabbit stew and the litter of kittens that would be there without fail... Grandma's house was always a great place to be. Oh yeah, and can't forget visiting Snuffy! Getting one of the adults to take us down to The Finger.... Though we were allowed to go down to Snuffy by ourselves for about as long as I can remember. Oh, and back when the Old House was there we could sometimes get an adult to explore it with us..... And can't forget the barn! Whatever happened to those great haystacks?

I miss those simple times... Yeah, we still love going down to the pasture. And yeah, we'll go hang out in the barn, maybe feed the cows... But I don't think it has the same thrill it used to. What happened? And what ever happened to rabbit stew?